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We provide corporations, authorities and entrepreneurs engineering solutions in an international standard for over 40 years. Our experience, knowledge and technology saves you precious time and money. 



Reznik Infrastructure Systems (1995) Ltd. 

Locating underground infrastructures 

‘Reznik Infrastructure Systems (1995) Ltd.’ Company deals with engineering wet infrastructures – water, sewerage and drainage, and provides comprehensive service including consulting, planning, computerized mapping, setup fee, examining sanitary plans and coordination of wet and dry infrastructures. 







רזניק מערכות תשתית





How do we lead the change in the infrastructure domain? 


In “Reznik Infrastructure Systems (1995) Ltd.”, there is exclusivity and expertise in the field.

“Reznik Infrastructure Systems (1995) Ltd.” Has many years of experience in the underground infrastructures domain in collaboration with the largest and leading companies in the field. We executed the largest projects in the country: mapping infrastructures for “Israel Electric Corporation”. Within this project, we mapped the major cities from Gush Dan to the northern cities.

We provide the customer precise instructions for receiving a permit. Thanks to our knowledge, we are familiar with the demands prior to preforming the works, and in parallel, we perform a mapping of the infrastructures on the field, and by that providing you an accurate solution according to your demand and needs for executing the project in practice.






Leading the Change

Come to read our activity in the world 

What makes Reznik Infrastructure Systems unique is the way we work and the way we think.
We are ahead on the whole subject of customer relations and technology.

Water liquid and irrigation engineering 2001 

“on a glass of water” | Eng Anna Reznik  





The state of emergency in the water sector that was created by the pollution of the national carrier’s water by ammonia last month raised an old issue whose main point is: in an emergency, do local authorities have to prepare, within a reasonable time, for water supply to the population

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Water engineering – one-step further 

Ing. Anna Reznik



In this article, we turn to the water and sewage engineers who thanks to them we can deliver a professional service. 

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Water engineering – advertisement 





Managing urban infrastructure today, with the means of tomorrow


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Building you a new tomorrow 

collaborations in the international arena

“Reznik” collaboration with the Ukrainian water corporation VODACANAL includes projects and professional developments in the infrastructures domain. 










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