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Coordination of systems and external services

Providing opinions on infrastructures


The process of laying new infrastructure or changing existing infrastructure requires coordination between different bodies. When a location is chosen and the infrastructure route, it passes through different municipal authorities and meets with the infrastructure of different companies (Bezek, Hot, Mekorot, etc.).
This meeting requires many information: requirements and the municipal authority's needs, the way of work and the planning of the various companies and their needs, and how to pass the infrastructures without damaging them, the ground or other infrastructures going through and meeting them. The matter requires a legal opinion that is done by a legal engineer or a professional infrastructures company.


How to know which company to use? 


An infrastructure company that's familiar with the various infrastructures and the changes in them, knows how to give the most exact opinion, and the rightest one for the given field.
In addition, the infrastructure company works with and in municipal bodies deeply knows the bodies' needs and requirements (municipalities, local councils, and corporations) and will give the opinion related to their requirements.

A meeting between two infrastructure types requires the right planning of locating one infrastructure according to the other. The location's depth and ground type, the distance between the infrastructures and more. Every infrastructure the data and location possibilities, and of course – updates and changes, possible faults, and different sensitivities.

For the right planning – out of superposition of the ground situation and the infrastructures, there's a need for advanced technology, as you can find at "Reznik Infrastructure Systems Ltd.". Planning or analyzing out of a big database will allow precision of planning the transfer of infrastructure in the field, which will be agreed upon by all parties, thus starting work as soon as possible.

Giving opinion on infrastructures is an important point before starting the transferring work of infrastructures, and that'll aid in founding buildings, parks or new construction areas. Up to the end point of construction, there are many important processes that require professional work and help of companies with the most knowledge on these issues. Care must be taken to choose a company with the highest knowledge and technologies, in order to plan correctly, efficiently and without unnecessary delay in each part.



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