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Examination of sanitary plans

How is receiving a sanitary computed map using a GIS system save many economical and human resources?



In April of last year, the water director issued a focused clarification in which it clarifies the seam point between the part that is the corporation's responsibility and the part that is the responsibility of the consumer.

It is clearly explained in the clarification that each corporation is required to acquire broad and reliable geographic and alphanumeric information to provide an efficient, professional, and reliable service to the resident.

The clarification letter from the water director can be understood as two important facts: The first is that these days, when an application for a permit is submitted, it is necessary to transfer a sanitary map to the corporation to obtain a permit. In this sanitary map, the internal piping (which passes until after the last trench, adjacent to the boundary of the plot), is measured by a certified surveyor and the connection along all the trenches to the municipal trench is measured. The information, i.e., the output, is critical and very necessary for the corporation.



מפה סניטרית ממוחשבת במערכת ממג



Whether it is about the geographical information, this grants holistic understanding and a clearer, bigger picture to the corporation about the water and sewerage infrastructure, the number of consumers and the actual day-to-day operation. An example: when we need to perform an infrastructure locating and an analysis of the number of private water lines in diameters of 3/4 or 6 inches, the influence of pressures, water devices, and the number of consumers will be extremely relevant for executing the project, which we will take from the data and information received.


The other job required for the issue that comes up from the clarification of the water director is the subject of public buildings. In practice, the corporation is the operating factor of the public buildings' service in cases of faults. Obviously, this depends on payment to the corporation. However, when there's a comprehensive, computed, sanitary map of the inner water network, the corporation saves a great amount of money and time.


Sounds practical and simple? The situation is a lot more complicated. Why?  


The first reason that makes the subject complicated is the load that's created on the network infrastructure map. In other words, if the body that receives the information does not understand the information and the difference between the public area and the private area for sure, it may absorb and enter unreliable and incorrect information into the GIS system, a product that creates malfunctions in the day-to-day operation and maintenance.

Moreover, the information must be precise and professional for the cross-referencing information stage. This is since in this critical stage we will need extra precision in the data when we're interested in assimilating the received information to the GIS system, in a way we could filter it and cross it with other information, and after that conduct smart and precise analyses. Therefore, the appropriate approach should be taken, this is built and formed in front of the engineering team in the corporation by a collaboration with the engineering team in the corporation. That is how we could reach the wanted results.
In conclusion, the advantages in forming a reliable, professional, and wide database by a reliable and an elaborated GIS system are enormous.
As of today, there are quite a few corporations who cooperate with our company, and that’s how the corporations earn a quick service, significantly lower cost, and assistance to the existing workforce in the field to be practical and considerable quick.



The road to improving results begins with us!

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