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Locating underground infrastructures using drones



Precise mapping and locating of water, electricity, sewerage and drainage infrastructures require great skill while making an informed choice in the use and choosing the right technology.
In addition, specific location of water infrastructures require professionalism, skill and reliability.
Reznik Infrastructure System has the knowledge, many years of experience and the rest of the tools required for this purpose. We deliver complete and comprehensive information about the lines’ depths, data output and engineering diameters, and all this at the highest level of accuracy, while imaging in 3D technology of the underground we seek to locate.


Drones photography to create a GIS map 


Have you ever wondered why you should use a drone for photography and mapping when you can shoot using a manned aircraft?
The answer lies in the altitude element at which we fly; the drone reaches an altitude that allows us to reach a very high photographic resolution that cannot be obtained from a normal altitude of manned flight.
Another advantage of photography using a drone is the low price over a manned aircraft. Lately, the company began working with drone photography in order to create an upgraded and incorporated map.
The drone is advanced of its kind with very high photography ability and accuracy.
Out of the photography files and information in the field, we could create a map using the GIS format.

GIS is an organizational system and tool for managing infrastructures in geographic information layers on a map and a computerized digital database.
In our case, the output of the system will be an elaborated map. After receiving the elaborated map in the GIS format, the corporation could make a comparison between the plans and the de facto execution. The benefits of the drone are both design and performance.

The advantages of using the drone planning wise include 3D modeling for the best illustration and making changes before beginning the works. Operationally, the benefits include the execution’s accuracy in relation to the plans, the adequacy between the amounts of material in the plan and the actual execution, supervision of the workers in the field, finding faults, finding solutions quickly and efficiently, and updating residents online on schedule changes.




The road to improving results begins with us!

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