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Who is a sewage engineer? 


The sewage-engineering field in the country is an important field; it’s significant for many areas such as the preparation of land for construction and the maintenance of urban infrastructure and even helps in economic relief of the costs of construction infrastructure and urban planning. 

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Water and sewage infrastructures – corporations


Today in the country, there are more than 50 water corporations, which work in cities and councils.  

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Placement of employees in corporations and municipalities 



The municipalities and the corporations upgraded to the online systems of “Available licensing” – permits for infrastructures 

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Underground infrastructures – permits 




The water and sewage corporations began as a legal move in the year 2001, which purpose was to privatize the service

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Discovering underground wet infrastructures 


Exploration of underground infrastructures carries out before the beginning of construction work on the foundations of a structure or preparation for the park. 



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Underground infrastructures coverage  



An underground infrastructure system consists of many complex cabling and piping systems 

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Exposure of underground infrastructures 




Exposing the ground is done in a state where there are a number of infrastructures in different depths on one area where the infrastructure’s work is operated. 

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Game rules are changing – interfaces to GIS systems 


Water and sewage engineers are using more and more during their work in apps and interfaces for Geographic Information Systems. 

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Superman can scan the ground, today you can as well


Augmented reality may sound like a fascinating possibility for new generation computer games, or a thing that only appears in sci-fi movies with a gigantic budget. But augmented reality is an existing technology, which day by day takes up space and makes significant changes in a variety of areas. 

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The future in 3D – planning water and sewage infrastructures in BIM 


The civilian engineering in the water field and various water and sewage corporation already expect the technological revolution to effect on management, building, maintenance, systems coordination and planning water and sewage infrastructures. The new managing method is called BIM. Have you heard of it? 

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This is how the GIS system interfaces with the organization’s ERP and CRM! 


The GIS systems began developing in the 70’s. Lately, we can see more and more improved innovations and developments for all the GIS systems – generally – and those who focus on infrastructures especially. 

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