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Locating, finding and mapping underground infrastructures 

Reznik Infrastructure Systems Ltd. (1995) specializes in mapping, locating and marking all types of underground infrastructures. We acquire the most advanced technological equipment in the world.
When planning to carry out thorough infrastructures works, it must be ensured that the is done without incident, for the reason that as long as people work in the field with existing infrastructure, there is a risk of damaging them. Therefore, there’s a need in a professional and meticulous planning, prior mapping of the area and locating the rest of the existing underground infrastructures.




מיפוי תשתיות תת קרקעיות


Work process

Before starting the mapping process, some steps must be made.
Firstly, we need to collect data on the surface and analyze it. This collection is done by using advanced wireless transmitters. In addition, we use a system that discovers infrastructures, that works by a transmitter and a detector that locates electric fields. Second, we mark on top of the field’s map the infrastructures that we located. Later on, we perform precise measurements of the already marked infrastructures.

When these steps are done, we perform an upload of the data that was collected on top of maps, with the assistance of “AutoCAD”, a software that performs a pre-examination in order to confirm and complete data before delivering the data to the customer.

The tests carried out in the field 

A crucial step in the success of the underground infrastructures mapping work is the inspection and scanning of the area. In order to not harm or hurt the existing infrastructures, this stage is done even before the preliminary excavations. We in “Reznik Infrastructure Systems Ltd.”, firstly map the infrastructure systems in the field, mark all the existing infrastructures according to the customer’s demand and then prepare maps of the current state.

At the initial testing process stage, we perform depth measurements, open sewage pits, locating metallic infrastructures and perform a radar test that penetrates the ground (with GRP technology), and by that revealing the existing infrastructures in the area, and not causing any harm to them in the process.


An underground scanning by using a radar penetrating the ground / GRP technology

In “Reznik Infrastructure Systems Ltd (1995)”, we use the GRP system that performs an underground scanning using a ground radar, and by that we can reveal existing infrastructures without causing any damage. This advanced technology is efficient for the soil extraction stages as well. 

In addition, the GRP systems aids in exposing  underground infrastructures, locating sewerage lines, locating water-piping infrastructures, locating communication cables, electricity and more. Then, we mark the ground lines, measure the ground’s depth and eventually we perform a sketch using digital mapping.

In “Reznik Infrastructure Systems Ltd (1995)”, we use some of the most advanced electromagnetic systems in the world, and this is in all our projects in the underground infrastructures field. We attach great importance to professionalism and emphasizing the smallest details to ensure prevention of damage to existing infrastructures, and a guarantee for building an underground infrastructure in the most professional and innovative way in the market.




The road to improving results begins with us!

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