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Form 4 with a click – Reznik Infrastructure systems Ltd.
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You know that you cannot apply for a permit before you discover the existing situation.
Unfortunately, the timespan it takes for receiving an occupancy approval form (form 4) delays the delivery of the apartments to buyers in about 6 months. Only after receipt can the building be connected to electricity, water, and telephony infrastructure.
One of the main reasons that causes delay of form 4 is sending a permit request before performing a discovery inspection of the existing situation. In this situation, the request is being sent to a "second round", which takes 1.5 times more than the usual time – a thing that delays the process even more.

This is where we, "Reznik Infrastructure Systems Ltd." Enter the picture. We professionalize in locating, mapping, and planning underground infrastructures, and we'll advance the permit for you with a professional map that'll provide the permission and assist you in receiving the permit as soon as possible!

We will assist you and escort you along the bureaucratic process until you receive form 4. 








The road to improving results begins with us!

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