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Examination of sanitary plans

Examination of sanitary plans 


  • The work includes examining plumbing plans for issuing permits, and consulting and giving solutions in the water and sewage department, especially in front of sanitary planners. Our experience over the years, along with the ongoing work of infrastructures planning gives an additional advantage for the work requestor.


  • The skilled manpower in our office provides a service that includes: examination of sanitary plans, preparation of rejection reports, answers and explanations to plumbing consultants about the rejections, approval and signing of plans, control of building laws and standard 1205 and above, examining the components of the program and the content of the program, all necessary coordination with the editor of the sanitary annexes, meetings at the corporation or company offices, preparation of reports of notes as necessary, preparation of a bill of quantities for connections or copying lines according to sections 13 and 14 of the rules (water and sewage corporations), rates for water and sewage services and the construction of water of sewage systems 2009, and approval of plans
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