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Examination of sanitary plans

Planning and examining plumbing systems


In order to plan a plumbing system for a new building, you need to be familiar with the building’s infrastructures environment, and the changes happening in it.
This information and planning according to it will allow building the plumbing infrastructures in the rightest track. In addition, wide and comprehensive knowledge allows diverse and flexible solutions according to the infrastructure’s location inside the building and the building’s uniqueness.

Connecting buildings to sewage lines, the pits and the water supply lines, and basing new systems in the field request professionalism at work in accordance with the principles of the Standards Institute. Another important thing is preparing the plans for connecting the infrastructures, out of familiarity with the existing infrastructures and the changes occurring in them.

A professional counseling and infrastructure planning company works with the architects/ building engineers, and the safety and drainage consultants to reach the rightest connecting plans of the lines to the building.
Connecting the infrastructures requires coordination and approval from the municipal authority and familiarity with the various guidelines and requirements it requires, (embodied in Form 4, for example, in private and public buildings).

Lack of familiarity with requirements and permits will result in a delay in approvals and the start of use of the structure. It is important to remember that various anomalies in connecting the infrastructure increase the set-up fee and proper planning can save these costs.


Infrastructures planning company 

Infrastructures planning and consulting company such as “Reznik Infrastructure Systems Ltd.” Is familiar with the infrastructures around the building and the changes happening in them, a thing that allows quick planning and delivering the plans for confirmations. In addition, it is important that the company will own the most advanced technology that allows 3D scans of the pipes and the rest of water and sewerage lines and with that will engineer high quality and precise connections to the buildings.

The plumbing system needs a periodic inspection - monitoring of drinking water, in order to ensure that the infrastructure is sterile (in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health) and if a malfunction is expected, it must be dealt with before it is created.

An additional monitoring is done to the sewerage systems. It is needed to perform a monitoring according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Planning the plumbing systems and the ongoing treatment of them require much knowledge, familiarity with municipal requirements, requirements of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the environment and the standards institute, and in addition to all professionalism and handling advanced technologies.

When turning to a planning and examining plumbing systems company, you need to pick a high quality and professional company








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