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Industrial effluent regulations



Israel has a variety of sewage: sewage originating from agriculture, sewage from home use (grey water) and industrial sewage. These effluent are discharged to water sources, discharged and connected to the municipal systems or stored in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health.

The effluent contain microorganisms and dangerous chemical materials, which could damage the water sources and in severe cases even bring infectious diseases.

Following that, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environmental Protection created ordered regulations for taking care of industrial effluent.

The responsibility on enforcement of wastewater treatment is of the local councils and municipalities within the areas where the factories or agricultural areas in question are in their territory.

The regulations are updated sometimes and the municipalities are committed to enforce the laws according to the updates occurring. Each toxic material has a regulation, this means, the quantity allowed from it in the measurement (the scale is in relation to a liter). When a factory is found whose effluent exceed the standards, it is fined severely.

Many factories and farmers are not familiar with the updates in the law and pay fines for it. Therefore, it is important to follow and treat effluent correctly. The last law update came out in 2014. The amendment document in the “General Water and Sewage Corporations” Law is a continuation of the law enacted in 2011 with the same name. Many effluent produced by factories can be treated and turned into normal effluent or reclaimed water. Doing such a thing will keep the environment and the water sources of the citizens, and prevent expensive and unnecessary fines for the factories and agricultural lands owners.

Familiarity with the industrial effluent regulations and knowledge on how to act accordingly is vital for the factory owners and farmers.
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