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Coordination of systems and external services

Set-up fee calculation


We perform a checkup for exact calculation of setup fees and reimbursement fees for water corporations. 


  •  Our engineering opinion sets our firm apart in that the corporation can know that it is serving the client faithfully and without interests. The calculations are performed in a completely engineering manner and in parallel with the planning and construction laws that define the charge itself. Thanks to the company's engineering vision, together with the many years of experience in water and sewage infrastructure, we provide a full warranty for the materials we provide, and at the same time we receive legal assistance from a law firm specializing in the field, all at no extra charge.


  •  We work along the years with AutoCAD tool and other existing software in the architect world, and both advantages (engineering and computed) – give our company the ability to calculate in a genuine way the costs of setup fees and deliver a reliable service to the resident, at the shortest time. In this way, the corporation/authority save many resources and budgets on managing unnecessary claims and proceedings against the client.
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